a/c repair and recharge in Moses Lake

Save your A/C in your car!

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a/c repair and recharge in yakima

How to save you a/c


Did you know you can damage your a/c just by using it?

When it is hot out, we tend to use our a/c more and run it harder. The oil that lubricates the air conditioning compressor is carried by the refrigerant itself. So if you have noticed your a/c does not cool as well as it used to, odds are you are a little low on refrigerant. Now remember the refrigerant makes the oil in the system flow, so the a/c will actually be damaged. The easy fix is to make sure the system has a full charge. Now if the air conditioning is working as good as it did the day you bought the car, disregard this post. If it is just not cooling like it used to, then it is time to service your a/c. It will last longer and cool better.

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