About AutoMetrics

We’ve been in business and owned by Brian Beatty since 1996. We started out doing repairs on BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, Saab, Jaguar, Audi, Land Rover, Volkswagen, and Porsche vehicles. Our Moses Lake auto repair shop has even serviced Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati from time to time. Then as time progressed, we decided to make the investment in more powerful diagnostic tools for the Asian imports. So we began service and repair on: Acura, Honda, Toyota, Scion, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Smart, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Kia, Suzuki and Hyundai. After many requests by our customers, we invested further in equipment to service and repair Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Ford, Chrysler, and Dodge and Mini. We have Bosch trained mechanics and a state-of-the-art facility. Customers who perform all service work with us enjoy superlative reliability of their vehicles. We will manage the maintenance and repairs on your vehicle so you will get the maintenance you need, no more and no less. You simply get an email when service is due. Choose us for transmission repair!

All technicians/mechanics have attended more classes, on-line training modules, and automotive training clinics than can be mentioned here. Brian Beatty did technical training for Snap-On tools, so our technicians are under constant instruction for high-tech problems.

brian beatty Autometrics owner

Brian Beatty

Brian Beatty is the shop owner. Brian has owned and operated AutoMetrics since 1996. Brian has been a D.J for 32 years in Yakima. Brian has taught diagnostics for Snap-On Training and keeps all of the Mechanics at AutoMetrics trained to Meet the challenges of working on high tech cars. Brian’s Favorite hobbies include: Snowbiking, hydrofoiling..well really any water sport, Scuba, and most recently, Snow Skiing.

kristi kelley autometrics owner

Kristi Kelley

Kristi is the head for accounts payable and receivable. She is the director of human relations and all new hires go through her. Kristi has skils she received through college at Eastern Wa. University and working as an executive assistant at Colliers International, Berntson Porter, and Deloitte. Kristi enjoys snow skiing, water skiing, roller derby, motorcycle riding and pretty much anything active or adventurous.

markus clausing best german mechanic in yakima automotive technician

Markus Clausing

Markus Clausing is our shop foreman and chief diagnostician. Markus oversees all repair operations in the shop and helps with training. Markus Has Been with AutoMetrics Since AutoMetrics’ inception. Markus enjoys spending time with his family(visiting Germany), camping, and doing home improvements.

mark st george service expert in yakima

Mark St. George

Mark St. George is one of our incredible service advisors at AutoMetrics. Mark has been in customer service since he graduated high school. Mark has experience in robotics service as well as locksmithing. Mark will make sure you are treated like family. Mark enjoys family time very much. He likes camping and fishing with Mindy, his wife, on his time on off.

flor estrada si habla espaol carro auto repair spanish

Flor Estrada

Flor Estrada is one of our service writers. Flor is our Spanish speaking liaison. Flor is also responsible for parts returns, cashiering, and parts credits. Flor is very positive and upbeat and will make your service visit a great one! Flor is very much into spending time with her family and friends, and perfecting selfies on Facebook!

dusty fritz best mechanic in yakima wa

Dusty Fritz

Dusty Fritz is one of our great mechanics. Dusty is all business when it comes to work. He is a great addition to our fantastic mechanic team. Dusty enjoys spending time with his family, fixing vintage motorcycles, cars, and brewing microbrews.

Spencer Brown

Spencer is great! Spencer is another one of our incredible mechanics. Spencer worked on imports in California before starting at AutoMetrics. He likes anything related to motorsports whether it be motorcycles or drag racing, if it has an engine on it, he likes it.

layne sires mechanic automotive technicain

Richard Donini

Richard has worked in the automotive industry for just a short time. Richard has worked in the quicklube industry for a while as well. Richard likes fishing, boxing , camping and spending time with his family. Richard has always had a passion for cars.

aaron foss mechanic yakima

Aaron Foss

Aaron is another student of automobile technology. Aaron has been with AutoMetrics since 2011. Aaron is a fantastic mechanic and European diagnostic technician. Aaron loves to play the bass guitar and the banjo! Aaron is our musical aficionado in the shop.

Alex Pena

Alex has worked in the quick lube industry for most of his working career. He loves Subarus and prefers to work on them. Alex is a typical guy who just loves cars and modifying them to suit his needs. Alex is a great addition to our family at AutoMetrics.

aaron foss mechanic yakima

Cody Conduff

Cody is our customer satisfaction liaison. Cody performs follow up phone calls to make sure everything went just right with your AutoMetrics experience. Cody loves cats and self admittedly is not much of a dog person.