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P.H. of your coolant. Is it Acidic?

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Many people forget to have their antifreeze checked. This is a reminder that there is more to coolant in your car than freeze protection. The coolant in your car also protects your engine from corrosion. You should have your coolant tested by competent shop with litmus test strips for p.h. The litmus test will let the technician know if your antifreeze is becoming acidic and what the freeze point is. When you have acidic coolant in your cooling system it dissolved anything it touches. It is a slow process, but it does happen. Think of how you speed up a reaction in chemistry class agitation and heat will speed up a reaction. The water pump provides the agitation and the combustion process provides the heat. Most expensive auto repair problems are caused by acidic coolant (water pump, head gasket, heater core, radiator, etc) This causes auto repair shops a lot of unnecesary work in MosesLake just have your p.h. tested and flush your coolant if needed and you will ward of many of these expensive auto repair problems that catch people off guard.

Coolant flush test

Coolant test strips

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